OUR services

We provide our clients a unique option to turn their Water towers, Industrial Tanks, or any imaginable eyesore into  an unforgettable Landmark, advertisement,  or work of art. 

We use the same industrial paint  as the tank painting company's, Using industrial and marine coatings, our clients are assured of the most technologically advanced paint systems available on the market today. these high performance coatings featuring the ultimate in corrosion resistance, gloss retention, and adhesion, are perfect for the harshest of environments.

We provide you with a  computerized rendering showing you exactly what the tank will look like upon completion. ( A fee of $500.00 per rendering, will be deducted from any contract). 

We are capable of working in any type of environment.

We take safety very seriously.

Requisite safety equipment is always worn and all safety regulations are adhered to at all times.

We are proud to say that our safety record is perfect, with no work site accidents.

We are certified in ariel, boom lift, platform, fall protection, OSHA, Twic card, 

​​​​​​​ "Industrial Hand Painted Art"

Large Scale mURALS• custom design • industrial art

​       Let us turn your "eyesore" in to something incredible!